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Hide details for 09/07/202209/07/2022
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Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
AGUD5PK4RQHEI - HEI Administrator - Fixed an issue where error "Type Mismatch" was given when trying to create a new Direct Transfer activity using TEXT...
Hide details for Backup & RestoreBackup & Restore
SMOYCAYEMSServer - Backup - Fixed an issue with Domino Transaction Log Backup where a TXN file could not be written due to an error "File already...
NBALCHEKL8Server - Backup - Fixed an issue where Domino Backup would crash with > 200-250 backup logs. Work around was to delete the dominobackup.nsf DB and...
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
KWAECDFBLXiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue with Rooms and Resources section in an existing meeting is too large on Firefox in read mode.
Hide details for COMCOM
AKURCHJBUPProgrammability - COM - Fixed an issue in 64 bit Notes client where the interface from Excel 64-bit into Notes Client 64-bit using DOMOBJ.TLB was not...
Hide details for Full TextFull Text
JBUDCEPRRPServer - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where notes.ini FT_INDEX_ATTACHMENTS=1 was filtering if a database's filter attachments property was...
MOBNCGZHFFServer - Full text indexing - Changed the default for using the ignore fields database settings for full text index to be enabled by default. Set...
Hide details for IEI/LEIIEI/LEI
CSAOCADC6MHEI - Fixed an issue where if there is no dependent activities in decsadm.nsf, Action - Reports - Dependent Activity Report will show garbled...
Hide details for LotusScript Editor on EclipseLotusScript Editor on Eclipse
EMUZCEPDG5Progammability - Formulas - Fixed an issue where @ResolutionWidth was returning the preview pane width instead of a new document's width when used...
Hide details for Roaming UserRoaming User
ESPHCG8ADPClient - Roaming User - Fixed an issue Roaming Users and Notes Federated Login (NFL) where NFL did not work with Notes Roaming Users and would hang...
Hide details for SNMPSNMP
SMOYCDXACHServer - SNMP - Fixed an issue where if the SNMP Service was started with an Administrator account other than the local system account it would fail...
Hide details for TemplateTemplate
GTON8FQL6XTemplates - statrep5.ntf - Fixed an issue where Opening a Statistics Report System document would result in the error "Only plain text can be used in...
Hide details for TemplatesTemplates
UMAKBXQK9VTemplates - mail12.ntf - Fixed "(Recently Archived)" view to use ModifiedInThisFile instead of Accessed to improve performance.
SOKECF5RDLTemplates - idvault.ntf - Fixed an issue where font size in "Last SAML access" view was inconsistent.
Hide details for Web NavigatorWeb Navigator
HNAKBZDPT3 Client - Basic- Fixed an issue in the Basic Notes client where clicking on a url or hotsport for a file or folder will open the url in MS Edge...
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